ACE: Architecture, Construction & Engineering

Find solutions for real-life challenges

The Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) Pathway prepares students for higher education and careers in graphic arts, drafting, manufacturing design and production, architecture, computer-aided manufacturing, construction and construction management.

The program is a four-year commitment during which ACE students take both magnet classes and academic core classes. Summer school is required for freshmen and sophomores to help accommodate the full curriculum.

All ACE students receive support and mentoring from undergraduate and graduate students from California State University, Fresno, through the MESA (Math, Engineering and Science Achievement) program and MESA competitions.

Students are expected to participate in projects and activities including mentoring, job shadowing and study trips.

Work as a team

The Hoover Architecture, Construction and Engineering Pathway enables students in different specialties to work together to accomplish tasks: architects design the project, engineers figure out how to make the project, and construction professionals builds the project.

Hoover High School
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Traditional School with Pathway Program


ACE: Architecture, Construction and Engineering



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