Turn your passion into an art career

McLane High School’s ArtVenture Pathway is a four-year program that provides motivated students with an engaging, arts-driven education. At each grade level, students are enrolled in art/theater, language, social science and science classes. Art and theatre-related themes are integrated across the curriculum, connecting projects to students’ lives and making learning fun.

Unique course offerings, job-shadowing, guest lecturers, internship programs, frequent counseling and academic support programs help prepare students for college or an entry–level career in the arts.

The ArtVenture experience puts students in a highly effective small learning community within a big school where student/teacher relationships provide additional support for success.

Find your perfect career in the arts

Students who have completed the ArtVenture program have gone on to enjoy exciting and fulfilling careers in arts. They find work as actors, animators, architects, art teachers, art therapists, choreographers, costume and fashion designers, fine artists, gallery directors, graphic designers, interior designers, lighting technicians, makeup artists, muralists, museum curators, photographers, set designers, web designers and more.

Get a well-rounded education

In addition to arts-driven courses, ArtVenture students are required to take two years of physical education. Plus, to meet college entrance requirements, students are recommended to take two years of a foreign language, as well as these suggested electives: trigonometry, calculus, chemistry or physics AP.

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