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Students who enter the workforce immediately upon high school graduation need the same level of skills and knowledge as students entering college. Just because college isn’t for everyone doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t have the opportunity to go to college if they choose to go.

Fresno Unified School District believes in equity and access for all students. Our goal is for all students to graduate with a full range of post-secondary options including entering the workforce, enrolling at college or university, or taking advantage of further training or apprenticeship programs.

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Career technical education is no longer just about vocational education. It is an opportunity for all students to integrate their core academic learning with hands-on, technical, career preparation. Real-world projects are useful tools to provide rigorous academic and technical career preparation and are also more engaging to students than traditional lectures. Just because students enroll in a career pathway during high school doesn’t mean the student has to stay in that career for their rest of their life.


Fresno Unified’s Career Readiness Pathway Programs give students the opportunity to explore and experience the different types of work and that it can be fun. Students see the relevance of core course work in interesting, applied learning methods taught by industry professionals. Pathway programs give students a chance to see themselves in a successful career.


There are over 25 Career Readiness Pathway Programs representing 14 industry sectors offered across Fresno Unified. These programs expand student understanding of the world of work and identify career pathways and specific occupations within them. Students develop respect for workers in all fields and an initial understanding of educational and training requirements.

Career Readiness programs provide innovative and experimental ways of learning while encouraging pilot programs, schools, courses and methods all within a framework that maintains alignment with district goals.

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All students are able to participate in any district program—no matter where their home school is located. Currently, transportation is the responsibility of the student and their family.

The students armed with the information about themselves have the knowledge to begin to plan their course schedules for whatever postsecondary training they will need to prepare for career pathway and career choice they intend to pursue; and document activities and accomplishments to help build an “evidence” portfolio of skills-building demonstrations to confirm or perhaps even to help the student to change their minds about the career choices and refocus their direction.